About Maidenhead Delivers

Maidenhead Delivers was formed in 2019 at the request of local restaurants by a small group of local businesses to allow all local restaurants and takeaways to deliver their food without making a loss due to the disruptive expensive giants like Deliveroo.

We are here to support local businsses and residents

Consumers are not aware of the extreamly high prices that companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat charge for their order and delivery. Restaurants are often pushed to sign up frightened that their customers will go to a competing restaurant due to them not being "on the app". What this means is that the local restaurant ends up paying all of their margins to the big companies, leaving them with nothing to invest in their local stores.

  • For businesses - they loose all their margins to compete (Deliveroo charge (42% inc VAT) order value to the restaurant (as well as £3 to the consumer) for the order and delivery. This is a whopping £24 on a single £50 order !
  • For Consumers - the menu prices are all forced to rise due to the large comissions these companies take.

    So why are we different

    We charge a fixed small admin fee for passing orders to the store from our app. Our deliveries are charged a fixed fee based on distance, not large comissions. The store is able to deliver using their own drivers, or use ours. So on orders, stores maintain their margins, and are able to keep prices lower for the consumers (what is called an "everybody wins" situation).

    Big names does not mean quality

    These big companies are all about taking margins, and not about service. In many peoples opinions, they are bad for drivers, restaurants, and consumers alike.

    Just Eat / Uber / Deliveroo have realy bad ratings on Trust Pilot - take a peek !

  • Deliveroo
  • Just Eat
  • Uber Eats

  • Supporting Local Businesses

    • Our UK datacenter is IO-MART - Maidenhead
    • Our Postcode Address lookup is CraftyClicks - Maidenhead
    • Our Logo was imagined by a Maidenhead Child - Carys
    • Our Logo was imaged by Swift 360 - Maidenhead
    • Our Leaflets are printed by Printique - Maidenhead
    • Our Online Technology is from Custom Adaptive - Maidenhead

    More advantages

    We also allow ordering for colleciton, or even restaurant table booking from our web/app (available soon). This keeps everyones life easy.